Eligible New Arbitrators

The Two Program Models

The roster of New Arbitrators eligible to be appointed will be provided to interested parties upon request by emailing info@ciarbcanada.org

The New Arbitrator Program has two models – the Expedited Procedures Model and the Shadow Model. In both Models, the parties may select their New Arbitrator(s) from the CIArb roster kept by CIArb Canada and provided upon request.  In order to facilitate appointments in the New Arbitrator Program, the New Arbitrators will also have the opportunity to participate in arbitrations in a shadow or observer capacity with Established Arbitrators

The Expedited Procedures Model assists parties to resolve commercial disputes with a value ranging between $5,000 and $250,000. In some communities, the CIArb Canada Branch works in partnership with provincial legal aid/pro bono organizations to provide this service. This Model offers parties faster, more efficient dispute resolution than can often be achieved in the courts and enhances access to justice for parties who are otherwise unable to afford it.

The Shadow Model offers New Arbitrators visibility and opportunity to enhance knowledge and to build trust, confidence and credibility required for appointment recommendations and referrals by providing for opportunities to observe, on a confidential basis and with the consent of the parties, an arbitration with an Established Arbitrator.

Why Participate in the Pilot Program?

For New Arbitrators, the New Arbitrator Program provides the practical experience as an arbitrator to enter the market and be eligible to be listed on a roster of an arbitral institution.

For Established Arbitrators, the New Arbitrator Program provides an opportunity to train, develop, and mentor new arbitrators under the Shadow Model.  Participation in the New Arbitrator Program assists with access to justice programs and may also qualify for continuing legal education credits in some provincial jurisdictions.

For disputing parties, the New Arbitrator Program provides qualified arbitrators who are willing to work free of charge to resolve their commercial disputes. The parties also benefit from the fact that the arbitration must take place in private, while court proceedings are open to the public.